[WATCH]: How to Make Soap from Scratch- Cold Process

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In this week’s tutorial I show you how to make your own handmade soap from scratch! It’s not difficult and can easily be made using just 4 ingredients- canola oil, olive oil, water, and sodium hydroxide (lye). I came up with this recipe myself and it does not include any fragrances or colors. I wanted to keep it nice and simple for you guys. This is just an introduction to soapmaking. If you want to take it a step further I recommend you do your research and learn as much about soapmaking as you can because there are a lot of different factors that play a role in the chemical process that is creating soap. Buy all your soapmaking supplies here: bit.ly The guest size soap mold I use is this one: amzn.to The crinkle cutter I used can be found here: amzn.to This video is fully captioned for the hearing impaired. You can also find me at: Website/Blog: www.craftygemini.com Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com The websites I recommended in this video are: www.teachsoap.com http www.soapdelinews.com http

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